The key to our success lies within the skills of our employees. Most of them have an educational background as either engineer or various types of computer science. Our staff counts a healthy mix of young, newly educated and older, experienced employees.

Our organisation builds on cooperation and autonomous processes. It is founded on the following values which are highly prioritised: VærdiKompasset_Logimatic_lille_UK


Meaning – "What we do, must make sense and add value"


Respect – "We show respect for each other, the job and the customer"


Credibility – "What you see, is what you get"


Influence – "We get influence through dedication, determination and accountability

All values that make Logimatic an exciting, dynamic working place
and ”a good place to be”.


Denmark is known to be a technological first mover within the maritime industry and Logimatic is proud to be a significant supplier to this strong and innovative market – called Blue Denmark. (21-08-2014)
Are you interested in automation solutions or IT for Fleet Management? Get a demo at stand 408. (14-08-2014)
Naval Forces mentions the Danish suppliers - including Logimatic - which have supplied products or services to the frigate PETER WILLEMOES. (05-05-2014)

MAN Diesel & Turbo has agreed with Logimatic to implement the same warehouse control solution in Zürich as they use in other sites.



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