IT Solutions

IT Solutions is an autonomous business unit with main focus on development of customer specific IT solutions.

”We strengthen our customers’ competitiveness by offering tailored IT solutions, where it pays.”

Why tailored IT solutions?
Logimatic - integrating knowledge and technologyThe need to develop a tailored IT solution can be driven by different reasons such as:

  • Business changes that are financially supported by a dedicated IT solution
  • New business types and models
  • Legislation and external demands
  • Niche related business procedures in which standard solutions are deficient
  • Business processes that are still not supported by a standard solution
Naval Forces mentions the Danish suppliers - including Logimatic - which have supplied products or services to the frigate PETER WILLEMOES. (05-05-2014)

MAN Diesel & Turbo has agreed with Logimatic to implement the same warehouse control solution in Zürich as they use in other sites.

The German shipping company HS Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG has chosen to implement the software solution SERTICA on its entire operating fleet. (31-01-2014)
Logimatic wishes customers and businesspartners a very merry christmas. (18-12-2013)


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