Absalon's fuel consumption reduced significantly


Logimatic has participated in the development of a program which not only reduces noise levels during voyages, but also significantly reduces fuel consumption on the Danish warship Absalon. The need to reduce the propeller curves on the Absalon was revealed during a test sail in the German listening test site in Eckenförde, where tests revealed that Absalon made far too much noise underwater.

The noise was the result of the popping of countless small bubbles around the propellers as a result of cavitation. Every time a bubble burst, a loud noise cut through the water and revealed the ship.

The Danish trade magazine “Ingeniøren” has described the development process and the solution. In addition to reducing noise levels by 15-20dB compared with regular sailing, it also provides a significant fuel saving. This fuel saving is equivalent to 40 m3 of fuel on a return trip through the Gulf of Aden – a saving of 200.000 DKK.

You can find the Danish article here and a Google translated version here.



Logimatic has implemented a number of projects on a range of Danish warships – including support ships, ABSALON class – Absalon and Esbern Snare. Both ships operate with IPMS (Integrated Platform Management System) supplied by Logimatic. See our brochure on IPMS here.


In the past month, Esbern Snare has been on a voyage and visited various U.S. locations with a stop in Canada to promote Danish producers supplying niche products to the navy. Read more about the trip here.



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