Logimatic - integrating knowledge and technologyLogimatic develops and implements various software solutions – each of them with their own business focus and purpose.

Efficiency, reliability and business focus are our key words in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

All products have several references that count both private and public companies. The size of the references differs from some of the largest shipyards in the world with more than 20,000 employees to minor industrial companies. They also count a number of public companies, institutions and authorities.

The functional development is to some extent driven by our customers and we maintain a very close cooperation with them. In order to do that we often arrange user conferences, newsletters, satisfaction analyses and onsite customer visits.

Logimatic Engineering A/S earns the prestigious AAA silver rating.  (26-01-2015)
Logimatic wishes customers and businesspartners a very merry christmas. (17-12-2014)
Many shipping companies use multiple incompatible systems to cover their needs of fleet management, which often lead to unnecessary waste of time and mistakes. 
Denmark is known to be a technological first mover within the maritime industry and Logimatic is proud to be a significant supplier to this strong and innovative market – called Blue Denmark. (21-08-2014)


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